Our Kaka’ako

What is Our Kaka‘ako?

Our Kaka‘ako is a community. Our Kaka‘ako encompasses nine city blocks in the heart of Kaka‘ako centered around the arts, culture and creative hub on Auahi, Keawe and Coral streets. It’s an emerging epicenter for Hawai‘i’s urban-island culture that is an incubator for a variety of artists, chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs. Rooted in Hawaiian cultural values, Our Kaka‘ako is built on empowering creativity, cultivating innovation and building a truly unique, local community.

Our Kaka‘ako is a legacy. Our Kaka‘ako is a project by Kamehameha Schools. Kamehameha Schools was founded through the will of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the last direct descendant of King Kamehameha I. The Schools’ mission is to create educational opportunities to improve the well-being of Native Hawaiians. Through her legacy, Kamehameha Schools has been endowed with over 363,000 acres of land statewide, 98% of which is in agriculture and conservation. Today, these commercial assets almost entirely fund the Schools’ statewide educational system serving over 47,000 learners. Kamehameha Schools is committed to the smart, progressive and culturally appropriate stewardship of those lands. Our Kaka‘ako is a part of that commitment. Building a thriving neighborhood fostering connections and rooted in education, authenticity and creativity.

Our Kaka‘ako is a vision. Already a dynamic setting for new ideas and forward thinking, Our Kaka‘ako will continue to evolve over time as redevelopment continues to renew the community. Walkable, sustainable, people-friendly neighborhoods. Open-air gathering places to socialize and share ideas. Homes for a diversity of O‘ahu residents and families of various income levels. All rooted in the authentic and progressive spirit found in Our Kaka‘ako today.

Come visit and take part in the revitalization of a special place. Watch it change. Watch it evolve. Watch it develop into one of Hawai‘i’s most unique and talked about neighborhoods. Our Kaka‘ako is your Kaka‘ako.