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Adobe Creative Jam Honolulu

04.07 | 7:00 P<

As part of a unique, two-part (creation and presentation) design event, ten teams of two compete against each other to execute a visual or motion design concept based on a theme revealed at the event. Past themes include: “Never was anything great achieved without danger,” Niccolo Machiavelli (Chicago); and “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart,” Mencius (San Diego). After three hours and no rules, the teams present their work to an audience and jury who chooses a winning team. The prizes? A trophy, a free year of Creative Cloud and, of course, bragging rights.  

Gabrielle Paciorek, director of photography at Gabrielle Paciorek Photography and a competitor at Creative Jam San Diego, recalled her participation: “Creative Jam tapped into that primal urge to create that I had as a kid. When I didn't second guess or overthink my work, I just created. It was freeing and scary, and I loved it.” 

We're looking forward to some friendly competition between Creative Jam Honolulu participants 

Jared Stone, Lauren Trangmar, Steve Kiyabu, Ian Ryan, Noah Tom, Jesse Kline, Matthew Ortiz, Isaiah Sherman, Craig Bixel, Shawn "Doc" Boyd, Alissa Masutani, Lissa Hardbarger, Jen Zheng, Caity Kondo, Ryan Yamamoto, Matt Honda, Alex Kawamoto, Louis Scheer, Qingshan Yu, Yi Lin , Christopher Vinca, Larry Ganiron, Travis Mangaoang, Anna Fujishige, Etsuko Ono.

And while the competition is in full swing, attendees will get a chance to hear stories and insights about creative projects and process from local speakers: 

Dallas Nagata White, Photographer, artist, gamer, cosplayer, nerd/geek with an unavoidable compulsion to create. Posts photos all day, every day.
Matthew Tapia, Hawaii-based graphic and lettering artist.
Gaye Chan, Professor, Department Chair, University HI. Conceptual Artist. Co-founder of Eating in Public. 
John Prime, Founder 808 Urban  

Creative Jam is free and open to the public, so join us, but please register so we know how many people to expect: https://nvite.com/CreativeJam/hon.